Halti thrives for excellence in the field of corporate social responsibility.

As a company we take responsibility for our social, environmental and financial footprint — based on the laws, rules and regulations of each market.

Social responsibility

● Our products are manufactured in socially and ethically acceptable conditions

● We treat our employees, suppliers and customers with respect

● As members of BSCI, we guarantee fair working conditions for our suppliers

● As an active and responsible member of society, Halti is committed to working with the youth, elderly and those affected by natural disasters

Environmental responsibility

● Halti designs and produces long-lasting quality products

● Our products are manufactured according to the REACH requirements, protecting people and nature from hazardous chemicals

● We disapprove of all unethical treatment of animals including force-feeding, live plucking and mulesing. Additionally, we do not use real fur in our products

Financial responsibility

● Our profitability creates the basis for improving all of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.


We aim to exceed our current corporate responsibility goals in all markets. We are committed to:

● Increasing the share of BSCI audited suppliers to 80% by 2020

● Working with Bluesign certified textile suppliers now and in the future

● Increasing the share of recycled materials in our products

● Developing corporate responsibility as a member of FIBS