This is Halti

Nature offers us experiences of all kinds. People can engage nature with all their senses, find calmness and return to the very basics. In order to fully enjoy these experiences, one needs to be able to truly rely on their gear. Halti was born with this need in mind – we know the ever-changing Nordic conditions, with 40 years of experience.

For us, respecting nature and making it easier to be in nature are important – be it skiing, climbing up the mountainside or hiking through the woods. In the hectic modern world, a step towards the woods or the seaside gives perspective and clarifies the mind. We believe these steps can bring about a state of wellbeing. We appreciate all the four seasons, even when the cold freezes our cheekbones or downpour fills our trekking shoes.

The core of Halti’s design is in the Nordic aesthetics, clean design language and in durable, high-quality materials. Functional and adaptive clothes give the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings. We want to enable each person their own way to enjoy the outdoors and to experience the vitality it brings. The thinking behind the development of many of our products comes from cooperation with the world's best athletes.

The Halti family includes everyone from people who have been seduced by fresh air, to professional athletes and passionate amateurs. We are all connected by our respect of nature and enjoyment of outdoors.

In the early 2000s Halti decided to invest broadly in winter sports, and to seek international visibility and recognition by sponsoring the Alpine Ski Team Finland and International Ski Federation as well as smaller teams. An important part of the co-operation with top athletes and professionals is our research and development. The people who live and breathe the world which the clothes and accessories are designed for, are the best innovators and testers of new products. They bring in their deep understanding of sports into the product discussion and are the most critical commenters when it comes to assessing the viability of a product in real-life scenarios. This is why they function as a self–proclaimed reference, an insurance of sorts for the functionality of our products even when it comes to less demanding use. That which works for the professional is also good enough for the passionate amateur and for other active users.

Halti's collection is divided into four different categories according to the product usage: The Halti Outdoor collection is based on our strong experience of how to survive in demanding and ever-changing conditions. The products in Halti Outdoor are high quality, technical clothing, gear and footwear. We got you covered year-round, no matter the activity.

The developers of the Halti Ski collection know a thing or two about snow. The Nordic snow conditions are ever-changing and there are many different use situations for the products, both inside and outside of the slopes. The Halti Ski collection enables both the professional athlete and the passionate amateur to fully enjoy the skiing experience.

In the heart of the Halti Multisport collection is the enjoyment of experiencing nature. When you are out there, the conditions can change suddenly. The clothes in Halti Multisport collection are light and versatile companions you can trust on your trip. They give you cover from the weather and are designed to fit perfectly.

The Halti Active Lifestyle collection brings nature closer to the city. The collection combines clear Nordic design and Halti’s knowhow of the great outdoors. The clothes, footwear and outdoor gear are fashionable in every weather, in every street.

Come with us closer to nature, rain or shine.