Anne-Mari Hyryläinen

Anne-Mari Hyryläinen is the second Finnish female mountaineer to have reached the peak of Mount Everest. She is also a marathon runner and participating in the 2015 World Championships in Athletics in Beijing.

To her, climbing means combining physical strength with natural resources. Anne-Mari’s passion for climbing has taken her to Europe and Asia where she’s been able to truly challenge herself and test her limits. In Nepal, this adventurous mountaineer climbed Mount Manaslu without any extra oxygen.

In difficult alpine weather high-tech gear is a must. When on the trail, Anne-Mari opts for Halti outerwear, shoes and accessories. She also uses Halti tents and sleeping bags.

Anne-Mari’s top 3 favorite Halti products:

1. Kvarnby shell jacket and pants

”Great outfit for rainy and windy weather. Great fit and design with a lot of handy details.”

2. Palmi W slippers

”My toes tend to get cold easily. These slippers always keep my feet nice and toasty. I never travel without a pair!”

3. Antarctica Pro tent

”Halti tents are like a second home to me. Quality and functionality are extremely important in rough mountain weather.”