Halti Outdoor Weekend

Halti Outdoor Weekend

The Halti Outdoor weekend is a new, season-opening event in the hilly landscapes of Vuokatti.

This event is organized to bring hiking, trail running and fat-biking enthusiasts together. It is a suitable for everyone, even families, who can entertain themselves on various hiking trails and several leisure activities. In addition to this, during the weekend, the first ever hiking world championship will take place, so that even the most seasoned hikers have a nice goal to hike towards.

The Halti outdoor weekend consists of 4 different events: The Vuokatti Trail Challenge, Vuokatti Hiking, Vuokatti Fatbike and Vuokatti Overnight Hiking.

The main area of the event is the Vuokatti Hills where everyone can enjoy themselves in whichever way they want, from physical challenges to unforgettable hiking experiences. All trail runners and the hikers that choose to participate in the longest route, get to experience the UKK-route´s legendary 13 hills crossing. Ultra-distance Trail runners also get to experience the breath-taking Hiidenportin national park´s canyon.

The Halti Outdoor weekend also offers many other programs and things to do. After all, it is Finland’s most diverse resort. There are accommodations available for everyone’s liking and to top it all off, it is very close to the Vuokatti sports institute event center.

Vuokatti Hiking
is Finland´s oldest hiking event. It has been held every Autumn since 1945. The versatility that Vuokatti hiking offers, makes that there is a challenge for every hiker, from traditional hiking to walking or nordic walking. There are 3 different distances: 5, 12 and 20km. The 2 longest distances will cross the legendary Vuokatti UKK route, when the 5km route will lead you through easier terrain. The longer routes have a bus trip to the starting point included in the participation fee. The shortest route starts and ends at the Vuokatti sports institute. The event will have several maintenance points along the road so that you don’t have to carry your refreshments around when hiking.

Vuokatti Trail Challenge challenge is a unique trail running experience around Vuokatti's finest hilly landscapes. The route of the event mainly runs along the hiking trails of North Karelia and Kainuu, Vuokatti. The Vuokatti Trail Challenge has 3 different distances: 23km, 42km and 100km. The longest distance, the 100km, goes trough the amazing Hiidenportti National Park. Runners who participate in this distance, get to experience the stunning surroundins of the wilderness area of the national park. The final part of the route (which is also the route the 23km and 42km runners will be taking), will go over the legendary 13 hill route which contains an admiring view over the wilderness of the Kainuu region. The Vuokatti Trail Challenge is part of ITRA and therefore it is possible to collect points for UTMB events.

Vuokatti Night Hike is organized to provide hikers with another new hiking experience. The people who choose to participate, have the opportunity to stay in a tent on the hilly landscape to get through the night. The route is the same as the 20km route of the regular Vuokatti Hiking, however, it is divided over 2 days and includes the atmospheric tent stay at the top of te Porttivaara. The route goes over the traditional UKK route which goes over 13 hills. The Vuokatti overnight hiking is suitable for people who want to explore the overnight hiking in a safe wat. A bus will take you to the starting point and the hike ends at the Event center which is located at the vuokatti sports institute.

Vuokatti Fatbike - On Sunday 3rd of September, the new mountain biking event, Vuokatti Fatbike, takes place. This event is part of the Halti Outdoor Weekend to make the outdoor weekend attractive for biking enthusiasts as well. This is not a competitive event by any means. The main goals are to enjoy and explore the amazing hilly landscapes and forests. The Vuokatti Fatbike route is is easy and suitable even for beginners. There are some steep uphill parts, but they are manageable when speed is kept moderate.

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More information; www.outdoorweekend.fi